If you’re looking for the perfect Melbourne marriage celebrant, then I’m the one for you.

Becoming a Marriage Celebrant was my second best decision.

My best decision was choosing the father of my sons, who helped me raise 3 fine young men, The Deep Thinker, the Tradie and The Lad.

Before losing him, we enjoyed a strong, loving marriage so deciding to become a Celebrant was a very natural step and my way of ‘paying it forward’.

All my friends and family know I love a good celebration and, I’ll be honest, I have a lot of life experience under my belt, so I know how to work a crowd.

I believe strongly in equality and I respect difference.  I will give you exactly the right ceremony that defines your relationship.

I will find the right words, the right mood and most importantly, the love, the laughter and the emotion that defines your relationship.  The sweet spot.

I make it my job to deliver the best wedding ceremony you could ever have. The one YOU want!

I have had many practical and creative roles during my life that have led to becoming a Celebrant.  I’ve been a nurse, a medical administrator, a textile artist, a pattern maker, a visual artist and a writer.

I am also a member of Toastmasters Int. where public speaking skills and staying calm under pressure are our stock in trade, which comes in handy when dealing with nervous couples and practical joking groomsmen.

I was once a keen traveller, but now I believe my place on this earth is to care for other people's happiness and grow trees for future generations.

I am The Melbourne Celebrant.

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my philosophy

A ceremony is as individual as the people involved.

I love ceremony. Everything about ceremonies speaks to me. The people, the emotion, the history and the ritual. I believe strongly in the value of ceremony and ritual to help us make sense of our relationships and our world and mark milestones in our lives.

In many cultures, life cannot move forward without ceremony.

A ceremony is as individual as the people involved.

It can be traditional and connect with the past.
It can be modern with new ideas.
It can be light and simple, humorous and crazy.
It can be formal, solemn and full of pageantry.
It can be anything.

As long as it has meaning for the people involved!

A ceremony - any ceremony - is always a celebration of life.  Weddings, Namings, significant birthdays and anniversaries are all worthy of a celebration, and in fact any event that marks a point in life.

Even a funeral is a celebration of life, with a very clear message that every life is worthy.

How we start this life, how we live our life, how we leave our life and the relationships we form along the way, are all ceremony-worthy milestones.

I will create a unique ceremony for you, tying together all the elements of your personality, relationships and story.

Allowing me to create your ceremony will be the greatest honour.

Interested? Get in touch so we can discuss your upcoming ceremony.

© Copyright Karen Cramer, Authorised Celebrant