Life Celebrations (Funeral Service)

Death leaves a scar nothing can heal. Love leaves memories no one can steal.

A beautiful and natural gesture of respect and love is to celebrate a persons death with joy, tears and memories. Remembrance and acknowledgement of a death is an important step in the process of grief. It is a deeply personal and sensitive time and exposes us to a range of emotions.

I am an independent Funeral Celebrant and I work co-operatively alongside Funeral Directors and Funeral Homes. I will give you a personalised service, guidance with decision making and make sure you are aware of the many options and ideas available to you.

As a Funeral Celebrant, I am acutely aware that I will come into your life at your most difficult time when you and your family are fragile and affected by grief differently. You will need space. I will hold that space.

Let me listen to your stories as you bring this person back to life for me in our conversation and through your memories, and together we will find the best way to express the character and personality of the person whose life you are celebrating.

I will respect your feelings and wishes and use my knowledge and experience to help you through a difficult period of decision making.

I offer you:

pre-planning funerals

Some thoughts on death and dying

For centuries and throughout many cultures, death was seen as a taboo.  It was never to be spoken of and myth and superstition surrounded it, teaching us to repress our feelings and fears. This only increased our anxieties and left us with confusing feelings about the grief we felt.

I believe strongly that grief stays with us and is as individual as the person experiencing it.

I also believe that we should be given the opportunity to talk about our feelings, our fears and the many mixed emotions we carry before, during and after someone’s death.

Or before and during our own death.

Today the curtain is lifting on grief and dying.  From Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’ groundbreaking work which opened the subject to further research, through to an Australian woman I admire greatly, Doris Zagdanski who has written many valuable books of her experiences with people and grief, and in particular her work with children and adolescents.

I believe it is important to find a trusted person who you can speak candidly and honestly with, someone you feel will not judge you, but will allow you or the person dying to express their feelings and emotions.

Then, if and when you decide to pre-plan a funeral, I would be honoured to speak with you.

Interested? Get in touch so we can discuss your upcoming ceremony.

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